Welcome to Critics Digest.

Greetings to friends old and new. Ideally new. I’m actually perfectly comfortable with having this only be read by me, which is the statistical likelihood, but I digress. Welcome to Critics Digest.
The old adage “everyone is a critic” has never been more true than today. If you stop and examine it, today we hardly just review movies, shows, albums, art, and restaurants; we’ve branched out into the judgment and critiquing of every single facet of each other’s lives. Every instagram post, every article of clothing worn, every personal choice, every identity, and seemingly everything and every thing. For better or worse (definitely worse).
However, I find that most critics are rather impersonal- leaving themselves out of the mix so as to not hold their own feet to the raging fires of public assessment, and that is the exact opposite of what I endeavor to do here. I shall be reviewing meals, certainly. A film from time to time. But I will also be reviewing hyper specific experiences I’ve had. Moments. The ephemeral and the lasting. The fleeting and the excruciatingly enduring.
In essence, I am reviewing me.
I am reviewing us.
I am reviewing this. Whatever this is.
Ratings will be announced under the particular title each week on a scale that I deem fit based off what I’m actually reviewing. It will change constantly.
Occasionally satire, occasionally serious, occasionally a gag, an instance, a circumstance, an idea- Critics Digest will be reviewing all of it, and all of me. Because a review is just one persons opinion. And as my therapist desperately reminds me when I’m feeling particularly off balance, “The voices in your head are not other people.”
So. Here I am. Here we are.

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